Vehicle Text & Graphics 


If your business has vehicles on the road they will be passing hundreds of potential customers daily.

A well designed advert on your vehicles is one of best ways to get your business noticed and your vital contact details across.

We pride ourselves in creating with the right design for you - the one that will work for your business. With our top of the range digital printing we can include full colour graphics and pictures

       'A picture paints a thousand words'

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 Standard vinyl text with digital prints. Rear window text is outlined in white, to stop the dark green text fading into the back ground. 

Side panels wrapped with standard purple  vinyl, then a band of digital printing was applied down the middle. The white vinyl text was applied last. Rear panel is totally wrapped in one big print. 

Standard vinyl text incorporating piano keys graphic with digital prints cut and applied within the panels.

Simple purple vinyl text added to enhance the metallic silver finish.

Vinyl text  skilfully mixed with digital prints of comic characters. 

An old van given it a new lease of life with a grass green colour scheme.Digitally printed toned text mixed with solid green vinyl graphics. 

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